Project Gallery

Here is a look at some of the recent and older projects that we’ve done for clients in St. Charles and Geneva, Illinois and surrounding local communities in the Fox Valley area.


Before, during, and afters of a few front door projects we’ve done!


Keeping furniture in the family and giving it a new look!

REfinished Office table

PIANO and Bench

This piano was refinished for a college graduation gift from parents to their daughter, breathing new life into it and a whole new generation of music.

Table and Chairs Set

Another project that is adding years to a set of furniture.

Table & Chairs Set

Stripped and refinished the table and chairs to match a client’s kitchen island. Look through gallery images to see before photos.


Another project that is adding years to a peice of furniture.


Kitchen cabinet hood

Curio Cabinet

This cabinet was from a person’s grandmothers attic collecting dust when it caught the eye of her Grandson, who decided to have it stripped and refinished in a lighter color and re-purpose it for himself.

Baby Changing Table

This diaper changing station was a table was purchased from a resale shop in Carol Stream. It had surface nicks and scratches and water damage in the top section. The table was stripped, filled nicks and sanded out scratches and was restained; refinished and the furniture was given a second life, as a gift for a baby shower to a whole new family.

Changing Styles

A person re-doing their place, asked for a sister’s help to re-design his room. We helped with changing the colors from pale yellow to a very warm, espresso brown finish. We modernizing the furniture with beautiful finishes to match the updated room.

Burned Table

This really nice customer came to Steve about having accidentally burned her table while ironing a tablecloth on it. When she pulled the tablecloth off the table, she realized that her iron had seared burn marks into the wood finish.

So, she came to Steve to fix it. These pictures detail what the burned table used to look like as well as what it looked like after restoration.